Trigger Point Therapy in Blaine MN

Chiropractic Blaine MN Trigger Point Therapy

Trigger points are painful areas of a muscle that are overly taut, or in extraordinary contraction, this decreases blood flow to that area and builds up lactic acid.

Common symptoms of trigger points in Blaine MN are:

  • Deep localized pain in the area of the muscle where the trigger point is
  • Referred pain to a different area causing headaches, migraines, tendonitis, low back pain, etc.
  • Pain that gets worse when the affected muscle is stretched or strained
  • Muscle pain that doesn’t resolve over time
  • When pressed on cause intense local or referred pain
  • Muscles that are weak, stiff, inflexible or decreased range of motion
  • Mood or sleep disturbances

Blaine MN Trigger Point Treatment

30 or 60 minute sessions where our muscle specialist palpates through muscle groups to find where you may have trigger points.

Direct pressure is applied and held, this temporarily cuts off circulation to the tissue. By cutting off circulation this increases a chemical called nitric oxide in the tissue that signals your body to open up microcapillaries bringing in more blood flow and breaking up the trigger point.

Releasing your trigger points allows your muscle to go back to a full contract/relax motion pumping the blood and oxygen it needs through the muscle belly. This will help restore strength and range of motion and decrease pain.

PNF stretching is also performed to aide in decreasing muscle tightness.


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