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Chiropractic Blaine MN Assisted Stretching

We offer one-on-one stretch sessions in Blaine MN for individuals that are looking for a personalized approach to stretching. You may just need the structure of organized stretching, or you simply need help stretching, this is for you.

We also offer packages that allow employers to have one of our team member(s) come out to your facility on a routine basis and offer stretch sessions to your employees. Routine sessions in this setting help the employees stay mobile and not fall into dysfunctional muscle patterns that often occur with improper posture and minimal movement throughout the day. This helps employees feel better while they work and employers see increased productivity from their employees. Contact us for more information regarding this offering.

What is ELVTD Stretch in Blaine MN?

We will email you a detailed intake form. The intake form will provide your stretch specialist with most of the information they need in advance to accelerate your initial stretch session.

On your initial visit, you will sit down with one of our stretch specialists and discuss your goals for ELVTD Stretch. In addition, we will do a muscle evaluation, which may include testing, including muscle and range of motion testing. Following the evaluation, we will develop a stretching program that will be tailored to your needs & goals. The program will include strategically placed re-evaluation spots to monitor progress and allow us to make the changes necessary for you to achieve your goals.

Stretching starts now! You’ll begin each session with stretching with a member of our team according to your tailor-made plan. Since this plan is specific to you, all stretches can be modified if necessary to make you more comfortable. The stretching sessions can last 25 or 45 minutes and will help you feel loose and get you into form.

Enjoy life with more function and flexibility! Ensuring that your body is mobile is vital to allow you to engage in all the activities you like! Remember, this is a process. As your muscles begin to lengthen, your body will feel more free, allowing you to take on more of what you enjoy doing.

Why ELVTD Stretch?

  1. Increases range of motion: Increased ROM will help with functional movement, decreasing stiffness and aching in a muscle
  2. Increases circulation: increases blood flow throughout the muscle belly which will increase the muscle’s ability to move without injury, move nutrition and oxygen through the muscle and the rest of the body.
  3. Helps reduce stress: We carry stress in many of our muscles the main ones being our upper traps and glutes. With decreased tension on the muscle it allows for overall decreased tension and stress we feel.
  4. Increases function: A flexible muscle or joint requires less energy to move through a motion, increasing your ability and efficiency with movement. Also a shortened muscle will not be able to get a full contraction, or utilize all of the muscle tissue that a lengthened one will, thus decreasing your power output.
  5. Improves posture: muscles that are stretched out in the back, chest, neck and shoulders help promote better alignment and posture throughout your day.
  6. Decreases pain: Tight muscles hold lactic acid and pull on our joints causing increased pain and achiness in our body. Flexibility in muscles allows our joints to maintain their alignment and increases blood flow, decreasing lactic acid build up. Specifically low back pain and neck pain are often culprits of tight muscles in the legs or upper shoulders.

What are the different types of stretching utilized?

  1. Static: Static stretch is holding a position at the end range of your movement for 30-60 seconds. This type of stretch is the most common form of self stretching but can also be performed as an assisted stretch.
  2. Dynamic: Dynamic stretching is when you actively move your joint and muscles through a full range of motion multiple times in a row without stopping. This is often done pre workout as a warm up for the muscles and is another type of self stretch.
  3. PNF stretch: This is the majority of what we do, it is an assisted stretch. PNF stands for proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation. PNF stretching was originally developed by PTs for stroke recovery and has been used in physical therapy for years for rehab. It is very effective for targeting specific muscle groups, increasing ROM or flexibility, and improving muscle strength. There are a few different types of PNF stretching but we will mostly focus on what’s called contract/relax stretching. There is a lot of research out there that shows that PNF stretching is the most effective type of stretch for increasing ROM and flexibility.

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