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Sports Chiropractic Care in Blaine

Dr. Dave and teenage boy giving thumbs upDr. Dave and Dr. Phil are big sports fans, so it was natural for them to want to help athletes of all ages. Chiropractic is essential for athletes because if you’re not biomechanically aligned and efficiently running your body will have a greater chance of being injured. Engaging in sports can put your body at risk for a range of injuries.

Here are some of the different types of sports injuries we can address:

  • Concussions
  • Injuries to the back and neck
  • Knee problems
  • Muscle sprains, strains and tears
  • Tennis elbow

In addition to adjustments, we also can provide sport-specific exercises to help athletes get back on the field and court. Chiropractic can also not only allow you to resume your favorite sport but help you perform better as well.

The Importance of Injury Prevention

When your spine is in perfect alignment through a chiropractic adjustment, your body will experience less stress, strain and fewer injuries. By investing a small amount of time to get adjusted on a regular basis, you could have much more time participating in your favorite sport, injury-free!

If a sports injury has sidelined you, we want to help you get back in the game as quickly as possible. Book an appointment today!

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