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Dr. Phil Oommen

Journey to Chiropractic and Education

Chiropractor Blaine, Dr. Phil Oommen and familyMy journey to become a chiropractor was not your typical Chiropractor story. I had never been to a chiropractor growing up, nor had I experienced an amazing adjustment after an incident that dramatically had a positive influence. In fact, I grew up going to the medical doctor and planned on pursing that as my degree. So, I went to the University of Minnesota where I dove into pre-medical studies thinking that becoming a medical doctor was my goal.

My path took a turn when my brother, Dr. Dave Oommen, entered into the field of Chiropractic. To be honest, I was skeptical of this field of health. I decided to do some research on Chiropractic and its benefits. The results I found absolutely floored me.

To see the power of adjustment at work is amazing and the results chiropractic care sees without having to use pharmaceuticals really interested me. I read a lot of research articles and case studies which showed me the positive results adjustments have on people and started talking to other chiropractors and clients about their experiences.

I continued my journey and completed my pre-medical courses, but added a B.S. in Kinesiology, study of human movement, with an emphasis on clinical movement science. I then entered into four additional years of schooling at Northwestern Health Science University where I obtained my Doctorate in Chiropractic.

We Love Skeptics

I know there are people that are on the fence on whether they should come in themselves or bring their kids. I always tell them to just come in and get checked and get your questions and concerns addressed. We don’t pursue treatment until everyone understands what is going on, and why we are pursing the course of treatment prescribed.

When an individual understands how powerful an adjustment is, which is more than just getting rid of pain, and commits to care, they start seeing amazing results. When you maximize your nervous system function, you are able to perform to your highest potential.

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