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A much happier baby!

super-hero-kid-sq-300The spitting-up stopped almost right away and he was definitely a much happier baby!

We started bringing Sawyer in to Elevated Health Center when he as 1 month old for what seem to be unconventional issues, he was spitting up a lot throughout the day, but more so at night.

Before coming in to Elevated Health Center, we had to be more intentional about holding him up after feeding. At night, was an outright pain for me as he was spitting up all the time. There were many nights that I spent out of the my bed and on the couch, to help him to fall asleep. We could tell he was uncomfortable, but we just didn’t know what to about it. We were sleep-deprived and were looking for help. We tried grape water and changed formulas, and were told that he would grow out of it.

We met with the doctors at Elevated Health Center and were confident in the assessment, and more importantly, the plan going forward. Each time we went in, the doctors focused keeping Sawyer comfortable, and made treatment times fun for him. It was amazing, almost immediately after starting care, we saw improvement in Sawyer. The spitting-up stopped almost right away and he is definitely a much happier baby!

- Bre (Sawyer’s Mom)

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